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Troubleshooting Your Connection to M-Net

When reporting a problem, please tell us:

  1. What Operating System you are on (Windows-XP, Windows-2000, Linux)
  2. What web-browser and Java version you are using, if you are using a web-based solution to connect to M-Net
  3. What SSH or Telnet client you are using (Putty, Windows Telnet client)
  4. If you are using a proxy or are connecting through a company firewall, then you need to mention that.
Not able to login via Appgate/MindTerm

Appgate's MindTerm is our Java based ssh web-client. You need to have Java installed and running with whatever web-browser you use; obviously, this method of connectivity won't work for text browsers like Lynx or Links.

You also need to have your company firewall permit outbound access to port 22 - often web-browsing works just fine because your browsing is proxied by some app on your companies internal network, but the Java applet will fail.


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