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Arbornet Membership Levels

The Arbornet Board enacted changes to its bylaws, eliminating the "Citizen" and "Member" classes in May, 2007.


Patrons have additional access to m-net, including access to most output net services (telnet, ssh, ftp), and increased quotes. These additional privileges are set by the staff and may change from time to time. IRC bots are *NEVER* allowed on M-Net.

Patrons are also eligible to be elected to the Arbornet Board of Directors, and may participate in elections and member initiatives.

Note: People contributing for the purpose of becoming a patron must include information to identify themselves: A Paypal transaction does this, so does a check. For cash or money order contributions, we need a driver's license or government ID, a cancelled check, a bill with your name on it, or something identifying you.

FEE: $15 per year (as of May 4, 2007).


Guests may participate in our conferences and real-time chat, access the majority of UNIX utilities including programming tools, and access the web via lynx, a text-based web browser. Guests may also access in-bound FTP in order to FTP files into their home directories.

If you send a donation intended to go towards your Arbornet Patronship, please make sure to specify your m-net user ID. To find out how to make a financial donation, click here.


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