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Arbornet Email Settings

NOTE: You must first create an m-net email account. If you do not yet have one, one may be created here.

Incoming (IMAPS, Port 993) Mail
Outgoing (SMTP, Port 587) Mail

Configuring Pine on m-net:

Choose (S)etup
Choose (C)onfig
Enter your name for personal-name
Enter "" for user-domain
Enter "" for smtp-server, substituting your email address for
Enter "" for Name of Inbox server in the inbox-path setting, followed by "INBOX" for the name of the Folder. Again, substituting your email address for
(E)xit Setup

Next, you need to add a Collection if you wish to use IMAP Folders:

Choose (S)etup
Choose collection(L)ist
Choose (A)dd Collection
Enter whatever you wish for Nickname
Enter "" for Server, substituting your email address for
Press Control-X to save the settings.
(E)xit Setup
Pine should now be configured for email!

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