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About Arbornet

Arbornet is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, founded in about June of 1985. Our UNIX system, M-Net, has an active bulletin board conference, a party program where you can chat live with other users online, free email, a home page, and valuable learning resources like UNIX shells, compilers, and all the other beauties that come with any UNIX server. Most importantly though, M-Net provides an online community, welcome not only to friends, but also to our visitors from abroad. To see what we're all about, telnet to, log in as newuser, leave the password blank, and you'll be led to our menu.

For more information about M-Net, its history, and how to access M-Net via the web and via other methods, please click here.

Arbornet is run completely by volunteers, and relies on generous donations from users like you. If you don't want to make a donation but want to help, you can buy books, toys and games from and Arbornet will receive a commission for each purchase you make. To get started, click here.


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