Some people have expressed interest in donating to help cover my $8,000 legal fees and $15,000 settlement. Anything would help, even five or ten dollars. Please donate through Paypal (credit cards accepted):
Or, if you'd like to send a check, please email me at

I've received 839 donations, averaging $13.69 each.
$8,000 legal fees + $4,080.09 settlement left to go...
better than two-thirds through the settlement!

Thank you for your support and generosity!

Daniel J. Peng
Updated July 12, 8:53 pm New York time

See also: Jesse Jordan's $12,000 settlement at RPI.

More Information

In April 2003, I was sued by the Recording Industry Association of America for direct and contributory copyright infringement. We settled for $15,000, and I also have to pay my lawyer. Between the two, I'm pretty far in debt, especially for a rising junior in college hoping to major in math or physics. I work every summer to save some money for the school year, but each summer only covers at best a quarter of the settlement (not to mention the legal fees and my living expenses. Thus, I am trying to recover what I can of the legal fees and the $15,000 settlement by taking donations by check and over the Internet.

For more information, please see these newspaper articles:

If these leave you unsatisfied, Zack Rosen has much more news and info, or feel free to email me at

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